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セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤー (Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya), 三亜半山半島リゾートホテル(全室)は伴鹿の振り向く山脈に従って、美しい東海の浜辺にそびえ立っています。ホテルから大東海までは一瞬で着けます。車で市内までも10分以内です。



  • Sanya Phoenix International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤー 空港へ14.2km。

  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:15:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤー の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤー朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY168/人。

  • セレニティー コースト オール スイート リゾート サンヤーの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • e03072838
    Before departure, to plan a night for a hotel before, experience different, spent a day and my wife and friends were reluctant to change, service very good, breakfast very good, pool nice, the disadvantage is that only a clothes drying rack (very hard, coordinated a special request from another room)
  • slabstone
    Where the environment is very good, and which side is, is not very convenient to shop, rent rarely
  • tony_0988
    Suite room is very large and lived well, but took a taxi is very convenient
  • everstar
    Kitchen tool is not very complete,
  • jojo_19861101
    Affordable suites with a living room, kitchen, suitable for family holiday, good choice!
  • e00116554
    Very good hotel ... Fixed in a three-bedroom mountain view ... Family of seven lived happily ... Feel at home ... Shop location is also very good breakfast tasted good ... Traffic can have bus free to the city ... Can also call ... Feel good next stay two more days ...
  • joyce_G
    Overall not bad
  • e02017223
    Very good hotel, next to this!
  • janny
    Their rental car, so the hotel location is very good, and continental resources sharing, so facilities are good, the hotel's service is also very good, more suitable for a family holiday
  • dianna090
    Also, breakfast at the hotel was good, beach is very general.
  • ggbear
    Service and food are good
  • o ( _ ) o cat cubs
    Environment is too good, like back home
  • mancyjian
    Really good environment, transport is not convenient, or plan to stay in a hotel or car rental, I just rent a car has, well, and free children's beds.
  • itwillson
    Next time I go to live there, such praise enough? but this time I had a car, friends went to say traffic is not very convenient, so there's no friend to clear ... If you just want Beach, surf, this is enough.
  • cbsysu
    Environmental aspects are very good but more in-depth suggestions from people who drive to the convenient hotel a little after is the luhuitou scenic area and from the urban areas near the four of us in the first market after buying seafood cooked in hotels convenient ... next time will choose to move
  • free0527
    Breakfast pathetic. the cleaning service rates.
  • ifyang
    Second, and this feels more progressive than the last, good service, very suitable for parents was taken by our holiday.
  • amyliu
    More convenient transportation, taxi troubles, but color class, room was large, comfortable, very quiet, nice
  • liupei911
    This hotel actually Qian two years also live had, again select main is because price is high, very for family holiday; second hotel location unique, mid-levels peninsula whole regional is located in downtown, but and relative independent, make in the take static. Hotel shortcomings; 1. we a 6 big 1 small staying three room suite, is only a shower between, alone bath will round waiting good long time, very not convenient, main lying was has location distribution shower room of, is loaded has a huge of bathtub, is isSee not used, believes no how many people will in there select bubble bathtub, recommends hotel can will its alterations for shower between, or at least alterations part room, can to guest by needs itself select staying; 2. hotel swimming pool compared small; 3. Hotel distance Beach somewhat distance, and mid-levels peninsula regional beach sand quality more rough, stone very more, wants to tour seawater of on don't select here has.
  • crystalwa8
    To service to a praise. especially front desk Lv Xiaozhao. surname LU of front desk, attitude super good. also will asked you fear fear high, with without room. family holiday holiday for live of place, is beach of words on not too can. hotel will sent you to beach there. but water too more stone has. for walking not too for play. wants to to beach play of on don't consider has.
  • amb123
    This is to Sanya live had most bad of a times. you encountered had midnight was took with room card brush into you of room did? this is second times to Sanya has, Qian days respectively live in Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay, this is this travel last day live in Sanya wants to live in away from urban compared near of, on see has this, see with also good, selected of luxury Seaview two bedroom, see with price is cheap, than I zhiqian live of Seaview room cheap has half, hold with try on set has, comes to Hotel do stayingOn heard next check out of in make, said is water blackout rotten seven or eight bad of, I didn't care, front desk help I do procedures, then on said 6th, floor didn't water but in tried to trying to, 8th, floor has water but didn't room, called we first in Hall, with, also can staying 6th, floor, is didn't water, (this is live has several hotel first times met water of) mood low, then on theory up has, we with elderly, Hall is open of no air conditioning, is hot. She also said was is 3 pointsOnly staying of, in this season, with I said this is funny, even season also not said to, 3 points yihou Ah, were it not for money pay had has, who will live? later I asked, is dinner zhiqian can guarantee to water, she said not determine. aerobic of! last didn't approach elderly stand, said room has electric of, had to live in. Seaview on without mention has (zhiqian live of are is Seaview room) this which is luxury Seaview Ah? most important of is, midnight 3, 4 points was brush with room card came in has,Fortunately is family, see inside has luggage didn't more stay on out has, (I sleep is health, little movement on woke up has) then on heard she call to front desk, said inside was live what what, I on up to see, that female of has been to I apologized, I didn't said what, later and asked she, she of card how will open I of door? she said may front desk mistake has, then waiter to has, said front desk mistake has what, said not know this room opened to has. no language! this ifFor others still don't know what happened ... the next day, it didn't take my room ready, going out for breakfast back door will not open, tried several times to call the front desk so that no one, eventually down to swipe card at the front desk ready. it's my thing in this hotel, just for your reference!
  • Maggie-Rascal rabbit
    Service very good, hotel facilities complete, traffic commuter convenient, service thoughtful, can himself cooking, rest environment quiet, very for holiday, a floor on has tour registration points. room clean is clean, each has hand is responsible for check, not qualified on will again for clean, human is in place, child staying Beach gift toy, a floor has exclusively for children amusement of room, gym facilities are is good. to mid-levels peninsula 100 a praise! next to also will staying, also strongly recommended!
  • e02584467
    Everything is bang bang da, is the breakfast outside was a bit cold
  • liwagogo
    Highly recommended, especially a family holiday, the hotel need to enhance the quality of services and meals
  • fofan918
    Overall OK, suitable for all family members to play with, value for money good. is the restaurant is too small.
  • dalongdayi0307
    April 20-25 stay 5 days, feel good, drive prices much lower than hotel rates, good breakfast, good service, room very good, breakfast was good, hotel room has free shuttle between hotel and beach, few will stay next time, great!
  • aaron9108
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great ... next time will stay
  • fdsafa
    All right
  • judy55665
    Hotel is good, but bathroom a bit!.
  • glorylord
    Overall good except WiFi has a point. hotel location into the self-driving tour or rental is convenient, and here the main parent-child fun, more facilities for children. children featured on arrival.
  • lillyjill
    Two between bedroom, 1.8-meter and 1.5-meter of bed, also has living room and open kitchen and table, shop in points outside sold back eat again deal but has. has battery and shuttle to beach and city, around of consumption level also than Yalong Bay low many. but is management somewhat problem, staying told I no room has, kept persuaded I each late added 200 upgrade, later, has an hour head is didn't House on to free upgrade has. but continued live of when on continues to persuaded added 200 orRoom, and too lazy to get even with them breaking, 8 o'clock change from 24 to 12, exactly the same size, I really do not know that they look to the two rooms are clean again, and figure what.
  • e02090270
    Room bathroom toiletries replacement is not in place, is going to ask them to please give
  • e00437160
    In General, too little breakfast
  • mingya
    Rooms did not feel so warm and cold call the front desk at a time when they are feeling service
  • Diana1021
    Very good, worth living!
  • e00101188
    Hotel in Nice environment, the only thing is the two-bedroom bed was too narrow, here are generally small and old-, two large and one small, bed is really narrow. my child was five, stay two nights I feel crowded, and might have continued to live
  • ted520662500
    Superior sea-view room sea side view. also sounds good, reception very friendly, and gave the baby a beach toy
  • Dianp
    Very suitable for family travel, rooms can be cooked, very convenient.
  • e02192392
    Staying three nights check out delayed 1 hour charge for results really unreasonable
  • SS traveler
    Ant TAT
  • vin100200
    It's OK
  • E03527206
  • ellawene
    MOM and dad the most satisfactory hotel, 3 rooms so that we all have our own space, large balcony comfortable breakfast. let yourself in the kitchen eating seafood is great! hotels there are many commercial tours, convenient to the attractions.
  • sunjun5200031
    Hotel location is very good, the environment is clean, baby swimming fun!?
  • denny7777
    From the East China Sea close hotel facilities is very good in itself, but may be a typhoon because of wet, bed sheets felt wet. buffet dinner at the hotel very clean, had wanted to typhoon is not going to risk going to the first market, I cannot go to or missing so good buffet dinner.
  • MaxLe
    Great hotel
  • medellin
    Location of the hotel a little distance from the sea, but does not affect the battery Shuttle, room special is perfect for a tourist stay, you can also Cook, convenience, is really not so convenient to taxi, the hotel's car is too expensive.
  • farrar
    Good hotels in dadonghai area, suitable for family vacation! great!
  • dd7807451
    Family environment of the selected room 2, room very good restaurants were happy when the trolley is check out waiting for half an hour has not come home wish to upgrade
  • battyinli
    Environment is really very good, suites, family, access is not easy when the price is right would be nice.