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Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya stands by the Luhuitou Mountains and stands on the beautiful Little East China Sea beach, just across the island from the Big East China Sea. The hotel is momentarily accessible from Dadonghai, and within 10 minutes drive to the city.

The hotel's lobby and guest rooms are fully covered by wireless Wifi. The existing guest rooms are all luxurious suites. Standing in front of the window-one side can see the ecological and beautiful islands, and the other side has a bird's eye view of two sandy white crescent-shaped beaches.

The rich amusement facilities here are also highly respected-the amusement items in the children's playground are colorful and are deeply loved by children. There are swimming rings and towels next to the oversized pool, as well as novel fish treatments for you and your children to enjoy happy hours.

There are the most pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and white sandy beaches. The scenery is beautiful and magnificent. In the setting sun, lie on the beach with your family and quietly admire the dream scenery, appreciate the tranquility of the Mid-Levels Peninsula and the mystery of the Little East China Sea.
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FAQs when booking at Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya
  • How far is the hotel from Sanya Phoenix International Airport?

    Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya is 14.2km from the airport.

  • Does Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya.

  • Does Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya?

    Each costs cny168 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya?

    The room prices is from cny498, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • leo_wang1982
    Xiao Wu in charge of me makes me feel that the hotel's good faith, so many hotels, I feel that they are being served for the first time, do very well ... next time will live with family here
  • life1976
    Warm service, beautiful environment, breakfast is also very good, food quality excellent, car battery at any time on the grid is very convenient, just inconvenient need to improve the city. and will come again, want to come more personalized service and more, urban areas can travel as fast as a car battery is good.
  • aeolus126
    big room, good view.
  • liujijiang1124
    Second stay, the hotel's beach is quiet, very clean and good facilities are complete, the overall look and feel great, will come in the future, also recommended other friends over
  • e01976470
    Since driving, hotel in small East, around of environment is good, is quiet, also clean, room distribution has kitchen refrigerator washing machine, but evening, no with Shang, also no to had swimming pool, just left day drive to see has see Beach, good, water is clear, see many small fish, next must good live two days, personal feel live beach next of intercontinental convenient one points.
  • iredamao
    Very good, service is in place, the facility is also very good, is water, but water
  • Gaines
    Location, beach is poor, but nice, the rooms are very large, family outings more suitable. kitchen is very practical.
  • galaxylemon
    Only not so good is the beach suite has fallen far away while more than car batteries and beach pebbles
  • lei2002123
    3 bed, 8 adults and 2 children. laundry facilities very convenient. fabric sofa a little dirty, suggest sofa cover.
  • niuniu_1a
    Sucks, sucks, sucks! Don't be fooled by photos!
    A really good manager Ye Yongxin work efficient like a
  • dxy252500
    Good hotel, great! very comfortable will stay here next time!
  • cli918
    1. looks good on the surface, the House should have a bug, there is no catch, but was bitten more than 10 people in multiple packages. 2. service is very poor, around 13:40 to hotels, began to check, 15 points to live in hotels. reception staff attitude is not good, what are you and she said, love couldn't answer. 3. the location is near Deer Park, went out no bus, go wherever you want to take a taxi, buy daily necessities are not easy. 4. the hotel from the seaFurther, battery car Shuttle, but wait, time is not necessarily, pool water quality. other facilities didn't contact, no comment.
  • angelbai
  • e00079752
    Hotel for families, a friend introduced Concierge Xiao Wu, in early November after contact with Wu was our hotel, keep in touch with Wu in the service didn't say, Xiao Wu services during your stay very warm happy. the next time you will check in at this hotel ... great!
  • justforfan
    Rooms are large, with bathtub, on the balcony you can see the ocean, hotel facilities are very good, the service is also in place, staff was very friendly, the only inconvenience is a bit far from the sea, Hotel Sanya
  • ivy831
    Good hotel with apartments, family, laundry facilities and an open kitchen. free WiFi, good!
  • antonygeng
    Don't say anything, really nice, accommodation in Nice rooms more great ... Buffet breakfast is very affordable, diverse, and hotel consumption is not high, very economical, en suite facilities, can only say that again ...! Worth recommending is the swimming pool, next to register directly with the room you can use, it's wicked
  • blue519
    It wasn't too bad
  • jimmyideal
    And friends with with children to Sanya play, hotel facilities and service, are very good, family type of suite very convenient, especially has balcony can clothes very practical. hotel of breakfast pattern more, taste good, in open of table Shang blow with sea breeze, see with green plant dining, not General of feel. hotel provides vehicles service, and Taobao Shang of car rental price quite, more convenient. hotel of catering service time long, is for with children of we, hotel returned to children gift has play sand workersWith, is is sent of, quality can unambiguous. children are most like bubble in hotel of pool, on attractions instead didn't too big interest. This Sanya of line, live in mid-levels peninsula, feel to has what is holiday, is to leisurely comfortable to enjoy holiday, can has been stay in hotel, environment good service good, children play have fun, eat have comfortable, and not non-to to how many attractions for to this a tour, trip tension have rolling, that is tourism and not holiday, mood and feel not withJapanese language. kids say to Sanya mid-levels peninsula, Oh, this is the highest rated. Then some tips 1, install some hooks on the walls in the bedroom, clothes can hang as a temporary replacement will be easier; 2, desk equipped with a lamp, the light is too Dim for now, for school-age children, the holidays still have a job that needs to be done.
  • xintianweng8872
    There is no facility, environment good, hotel is not good. for a family holiday
  • dylanf
    Bed and breakfast ... the price is suitable for a family holiday. is much better than breakfast in General, but not more than 5 stars hotels. small sea environment is very good. reserved for MOM and dad, MOM and dad are relatively satisfied with the. is said to have breakfast.
  • yueyuefei
    Hotel is located in the East China Sea area near Deer Park, coastal city. We stayed in is a two-bedroom suite, room fridge, washing machine, cooker and other facilities, two bedroom and two living room, a kitchen, one bathroom, a feel at home. I am most commendable is the window side the master bedroom has a sea view, large bath, bubble bath, grab a glass of wine, watching the sea, really a great enjoyment in life. Facilities of the hotel are also very good, free open air swimming pool (divided into area and children's area, Small fish there is also SPA and hot springs, but charge), children's playground and free fitness center, chess and cards room. Hotel Intercontinental and the mid-levels peninsula sharing a private beach, you will be within a five-minute walk to the beach from the hotel, you can take the car battery goes to the beach of the hotel, a phone call can be a free shuttle, very convenient.
  • ofa82
    Hotel is for family holiday, especially open of kitchen, too like has. I is with children came live of, children too small, if each meal rice are in outside eat, children is easy lit. hotel of kitchen also distribution has rice cooker, wok and a tableware, is health, also is practical, to children do points listing of porridge like of, is convenient. in this live, can way do several meal meals, is too practical has. Hotel away from urban is near, but is is secluded, very for drag home withMouth of family holiday, security and calm. hotel of service also is in place, for children distribution of children bed and children car is convenient. has any of need, front desk also will tried to meet, service is in place. to beach can sat hotel of battery, is convenient. to urban also can sat hotel of CMB, taxi back is 10 several block money. hotel of health status is good, even stove is no a drops of grease, daily of clean also is carefully. Although useless Shang hotel to provides of washClothing machine, but this is is worth praise about of. hotel of service also is delicate, to I son of dug sand toy, he daily are with to beach, very like. we live in hotel of 6 layer, has any need, as long as call, waiter sent up of speed are soon. If family holiday, especially has children and elderly, this hotel worth recommended, is a holiday of good place.
  • d01948185
    Sea view rooms not facing the sea, is the side facing the sea there traffic is very convenient, others are very good
  • jaden
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • m00165499
    Well, is ideal for a family holiday
  • gisellexie
    Good surroundings, urban naozhongqujing. travel inconvenient. hotel is complete, the service is also in place.
  • Anne petty life
    Really of is super rod of hotel, price moderate, room service supporting facilities complete, vision is good, hotel all waiter are is enthusiastic, enthusiasm. swimming pool day night are can to, very convenient. around environment compared quiet, although visitors many, but feel not to noisy, may are is relax leisure of's, go to where are was, but and not many, feel is good! just weather also compared moderate, summer leisure San Diego. just modified caught up with has five annual celebration, participate inActivities, is very good.
  • ibisfans
    Very good hotel, in a quiet, children's amusement park, a quiet beach, sand crabs, swim, play tables, is a paradise for kids! highly recommend old kids!
  • lyx929
    Rooms are large, catch up with the promotion, the price is not high. but the hotel breakfast felt almost no change, and health, and everyone with diarrhea
  • Dannie
    Accommodation, big room, great balcony views, is that facilities are not new.
  • roinpig
    Nice! hotel services are good! but not positive towards the sea! the point a bit crooked!
  • preton
    Cost is relatively high. This holiday with MOM and dad and son, so chose this hotel. But the service in General.
  • jooencai
    All good hardware service room
  • wrgs123
    Close to the sea, very much, breakfast was good
  • flying BEE
    Very good hotel
  • peijing
    Family, hotel's new good impression this summer, but the kid is happy to play, give praise, strongly recommend this hotel if you are on a family holiday, price very good
  • cropsbtm
    I was, years ago, lived for more than 10 days spent more than 1W, and chat with other individuals they took 2 months to 3W, was speechless!
  • e02234450
    A everyone child with action, family no worries package good, hotel can, health service facilities, are no said, praise on a Word, is enjoy, breakfast also enough rich, away from Beach slightly somewhat distance, not to a km's, but hotel itself has battery at any time service, call, from Beach returns hotel is so, found hotel employees (any a can), called he help call himself hotel of battery, then slightly for rest, moments that to. anyway I pick not out whereWhat's wrong with elevator soon, staff service attitude is good, at least I haven't encountered bitter face service. hotel location is very good, yard, not noisy and not noisy, also in the House to eat, will come again in the future. is membership application, always verify, can't score.
  • e00168039
    Price is right is very comfortable
  • emily-ii
    Family Suite, very good. good location, sitting on the balcony you can enjoy the sea. travel less convenient is to city. the hotel is perfect for a family holiday.
  • liutingtingyun
    Hotel is a bit old, intercontinental has been adhering to consistent quality of service, also deserves to be recommended!
  • n_n "Brother Fire"
    Next time will go live, hope for a better service. liked.
  • astla
    Environment can! big room but bathroom small! Seaview can only see a little bit, but also stood in the window! Others are also good
  • laura_c
    Great resort, family holiday choice. recommend many friends family to live. is this in the future.
  • e05198837
    I live has four late is No. 81206, room, everyone future staying to note, first late on found room in has bug, leg Shang bite has dozens of a package, to hotel reaction, said is has mosquito, but mosquito how may about bite so more package, feel should is flea, staff said didn't chosen cannot room, to do has overall disinfection, mosquito has been points with are useless, also is has insect, has been was bite, is itch of hell, last a late times requirements only to for has room, only no continues to was bite, Is suffering Ah, completely no mood play, five-star hotel appeared this situation is to imagine! hotel in halfway up the, back mountain, main lying can see sea, but no himself of beach, to to Intercontinental Hotel inside is Beach, environment good, out not too convenient, to called car or took hotel shuttle bus. actually hotel also good of, is occurred has such of thing, serious effect I of mood, alone play has was suffer, and staff also no to I timely at, Disappointed!
  • samma2010
    Very good family just fine. I like beautiful Sanya!
  • armymy
    And live with my family to the hotel feel good! of the hotel's room service was too slow and cutlery are available on find phone even three times, finally firing away. restaurants offer really can't say much ... just like the serenity coast environment, the hotel itself is nothing.
  • PANYONG9488
    If the car is not convenient. obsolete facilities. dinner at the hotel suspected sick.