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Serenity Coast All Suite Resort Sanya is located by the beach on the Xiaodonghai coast at the base of Luhuitou Hill and close to the Xiaodonghai Tourist Area. This all-suite Sanya hotel features two or three-bedroom suites, some of which offer views of the beach and coast which front the hotel. Some suites are also equipped with kitchens, washing machines and jacuzzis.Four function rooms are located on the premises which are suitable for meetings and conferences.[View Detail]

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  • icelee1
    Suitable for a family holiday, is not convenient
  • nn1988
    First times and parents and baby with travel, select hotel is important, four a small eventually select has mid-levels peninsula holiday hotel of family two room a Office suite, most praise of is distribution has refrigerator and washing machine. daily buy of beer beverage can put in refrigerator in the refrigerated; Sanya weather wet, daily we will wash finished clothes then took washing machine dumped dry, General next day on dry has, this get family of satisfaction! distribution has two a wash basin, but a shower between and a SAT will also is using upTo not too convenient, OK out also on days! daily night will with baby to hotel of swimming pool swimming, is comfortable, private beach is and InterContinental Hotel public, do battery Shuttle also is convenient, beach of Beach no Yalong Bay good, but in a Lin tree Xia is cool! say about breakfast also is big, yogurt special delicious, daily morning will drink, this hotel is will again select of, thanks mid-levels peninsula to we first times family of holiday of Brigade brings has very betterMemories!
  • creamicy
    Good hotel, staff friendly, considerate! Concierge, Xiao Wu and Xie w is courteous, attentive.
  • m02082542
    A little far from the beach, need to take a car battery the first floor of the restaurant is very nice, send a voucher at the front desk very nice, suitable for family trips, you can cook, but no attempt, were resolved on the first floor
  • lemon_xiaoyao
    Very good too!
  • m00501062
    Environment and service was very good, children have fun
  • isyeee
    Diet is not convenient, disguised and standard fees and charges are too high
  • FouadGao
    Hotel services in place, everyone is kind and coconut at the front desk is also very cool and suitable for a family holiday stay.
  • boy998
    Room was really great, very good service, beautiful surroundings, facilities, like the mid-levels peninsula.
  • jxlsst1207
    Hotels are particularly good, especially the service staff is always smiling, the attendant Wu Bohong service very attentive, helping us take kitchen, next to live here
  • jymjs
    Live very comfortable, next time will be selected mid-levels peninsula.
  • coolsatan
    Very satisfied with the stay
  • joyjoyjoyliu
    OK, go to the beach a little farther, the other more affordable
  • James.Fan
    Halfway up the mountain, sea, mountain, electric car to the seaside shuttle service, free use of kitchen, flavoring, is not rice cookers, rice restaurant, four rice Plus service charge to more than 30, a little black
  • Xiao ?? Zhang
    Rent a car in Sanya, hotel is 25 km from the airport, drive very convenient ... here is a colleague recommended, by comparison, is still relatively quiet. Got to the hotel, the waiter very enthusiastic to help the car door, luggage and poured water. smooth stay, nice surprise, two bedrooms, master bedroom with bathtub, living room and dining room are one, bright and spacious, refrigerators, washing machines, cookers are free to use. restaurant of the hotel is not expensive, apart from Chinese and Hong Kong-style tea restaurantBBQ and seafood. it is recommended.
  • abcdef1987
    There is taxi service transportation was convenient and had not eaten for breakfast did not wake up, the environment is good but the beach really bad no.
  • davyxue
    In General, not bad bad family OK, well, inconvenient.
  • OliverWood
    Very good, satisfactory in every way.
  • freyja
    Service is very good, a bit inconvenient, facilities good. check feels very comfortable ... will choose this hotel next time.
  • Emilylili
    Very satisfied with the hotel service and first class hardware facilities. is particularly suitable for family vacation travel, Suite 4 persons, two bedrooms. comprehensive hotel handouts. The hotel is located in the East China Sea, surrounded by large intercontinental, Anantara, MGM, and so on, so many good hotels have chosen this place, obviously nice. Water well, better than Sanya Bay Road, slightly less beach is mainly sand delicate enough, dead coral and small shells, but no problem with childrenWent there many times. Hotel has provides two species free travel way, free battery shuttle and shuttle bus. battery is responsible for Beach (actually also is near, has cut), near big supermarket of shuttle, with called with go. shuttle bus sent to summer department store, deer square, to, two at traffic are is convenient, summer department store has home Northeast dish of shop, taste good, price looks your, but volume big, also is cheap. summer department store near of big pineapple also has good ofSupermarket. first from both markets are convenient and close. hotels with kitchen, fridge, own burnt seafood, chiyexiao is very convenient in the middle. the kitchen is free of charge, can also provide a baby chair across the room. Hotel service was very good, one, the Concierge, a friend of sunscreen are all connected to the Express after the initiative sent upstairs, baby chair, kitchen, while waiting for the shuttle bus, and how convenient, to first market of bus lines,Have comments to offer, too. II, hotel has a children's playground, a lot, and let the children paint, three, gym, game room, PS3 and Nintendo, you know.
  • OT begged
    The hotel is very clean, service is attentive, quiet surrounding, and ice share a beach, battery car shuttle. suitable for car rental
  • seallemp
    Nice, nice, everything is in place!
  • ensimon
    Added has 50 block upgrade has room, views good, but cooking Shi met has problem, induction cooker not stable, victims of we pot in to speculated of seafood, into has stew dish, although later let we to next door of room using, but also is is trouble. table Shang of chandelier is bad of. Hotel Luggage member of service also is is good of. distance seafood market also is near. hotel has shuttle to supermarket and beach. we staying Shi Hotel no to we children sent toy, in elevator in met itsWhen others speak, and we'll go to the front desk took. overall can be
  • berylcxc
    Nice hotel, family fun for the whole family, the air
  • jessie082
    Environment, catering small expensive, service very good, InterContinental Hotel and the beach, sand is not generally very thin, foot. There is the best clear price list posted on the location of the hotel, laundry detergent I thought is was about, the result is not ... ... Overall pretty good
  • terry1717
    Service is very good, providing cooking spices
  • lensor
    This staying of mid-levels peninsula holiday hotel really of is happy, room is big, pool is clean, son special like. to beach and supermarket are has Ferry car shuttle. hotel of service is good, upper and lower hotel car Shi are has waiter reception. here is for family holiday, room of furniture the some are has, especially refrigerator, summer with of Shang. yihou also will staying.
  • jessie082
    To Sanya would elect him
  • andiwy
    Nice, very quiet, just next to the big East China Sea, quiet friend can choose
  • pils2008
    Price concessions, more like apartment hotels. individuals do not think five-star standards.
  • betty102
    All right
  • taojin72
    Hotel is great, service is also very good. was due to the night, increased the next day night. Suite is suitable for four people! very close to the city! went on to live here-
  • afdaf
  • cui8ying
  • Raymondlf
    Hotel service good, access met staff are is smile phase welcome, active greeted, reasonable requirements are is responsive. received machine this needed ahead of one days appointment, himself forget has, flight Qian temporary contact hotel appointment received machine, soon arrangements good has. hotel facilities General, lobby smaller, hardware and soft loaded are compared simple, at most four star standard. two lying two Office cannot positive see sea, recommends set three lying of, living room has full seaview. beach quality General, sea found under full is angular ofStone, is diaphragm feet, easy designated injury. breakfast select more, quality General. overall, hotel location, room area and its price into is proportional to the, for a everyone child or two or three home friends common holiday. another, room landline call of airlines booking phone are to long-distance charges, several pass local phone billing more than 70 more Yuan. is by verified Hotel from has the pen costs, but compared effect customer experience, hope note the problem.
  • luyou200877847
    Quiet environment, suitable for family holiday, great service, Wang Hai Xuan Chinese restaurant's black bean curd is strongly recommended
  • caoyueyan945
    Serenity Coast Resort (Deluxe suites, two bedroom and two living room, washing machine, refrigerator, complete) [strong] [strong] [strong]
    Hotel price is relatively high, especially the breakfast service was very good, very warm, environment good, beach is almost.
  • aaabcde
    Room is big and can cook, but the air is not too good. in the mountains, near the deer back, nice!
  • lindger
    Nice, nice, daughter love, children's paradise, the hotel has free car around, Nice is not many kinds of breakfast, General
  • cwf08
    Vacation, two-bedroom suites to meet families needs, laundry facilities address laundry problems. Beach is covered with coral shell, the pursuit of fine sand to avoid disappointment, but here is the coral reserve! great service, initiative, responsive, young girls have worked hard ... ...
  • aimeeyu1
    Surrounding environment the hotel services is also quite good, room cooking, of course, there are rice cookers provide the perfect, second bedroom a bit musty
  • leon5798
    Very good
  • sjl1298
    Fixed in a suite, two rooms, kitchen living room balcony. facilities complete. service is very intimate. processing of seafood was the first market to buy back its own. bought more than 700 Yuan food. a table slowly ... will stay again this hotel
  • e00218591
    Located halfway up the Hill, facing the sea and mountains, the scenery is good, hotel has a battery, where can shuttle, very convenient, breakfast Super more
  • xinxiandemi
    Hotel is good ... staff very kindly explained. luhuitou scenic spot very close to the first market. sea reefs, sea really good
  • e00169536
    Poor hotel facilities before and after service
  • allangg
    Hotel room is very large, you can see the sea, staff enthusiasm, particularly the employee named Lee is responsible for the professional, we introduce various hotel facilities, next time will come.
  • fyjsnj
    Clean, good service, quiet leisure, great
  • annielinyang
    Hotel health average, stay in the fridge when it hair is probably not doing population health details, environment, convenient to the beach, buffet variety, traffic is very convenient to the urban area soon, good hotel service, forgot to turn off the lights, they would find my reminder.